The people

Sreenath H.S

A developer with rich and varied experience in realty industry, Sreenath has developed and promoted a range of realty projects in Bangalore, Chennai and Mysore – apartments, townships and villas. Sreenath is also a published author and a public speaker. His works include Sir M.Visvesvaraya — His Economic Contribution and Thought, Secularism and National Identity, Partition and other Divisive Issues, and numerous critical essays on politics, economics and monographs on the life and works of great Indian writers. The range of his writings – from architecture to politics, history and economics – reveals his eclectic interests.

Gayathri Sreenath.

With a post-graduate qualification in Business Administration, Gayathri served in the establishment of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, as an officer. With her rich experience in audit,accounts and finance, she brings in considerable value addition to the management of Sharadindu.